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Methods of ordering:

- email me at or call me at 215-206-0069.
     Note: do NOT send credit card information through email.
     Click here for the order form.

Methods of payment:
- Check or money order which must be mailed in with the completed order form.
- Credit cards   credit cards

Shipping information:

- Orders will typically ship within a week of order receipt.
-  Orders  are typically shipped via FEDEX ground.
-  Expedited shipping is available.  Please contact us for more information.

Pricing and sizing:

patchwork triple
           Large Basket       12" High x 18" Across       $70
           Medium Basket   10" High  x 14" Across       $60
           Small Basket         8" High  x 10" Across       $39

ball Rugs  -
Custom Rug Orders. Prices on request.

           Circular Rug            9'             
Circular rug

           Rectangular Rug                   8' x 8'              
rectangle rug

           Oval Rug                                6' x  9'            

           Flag Rug                                3'  x 5'             $195
                                                           Flag rug

ball Hamper
           Hamper with lid                    18" High x 18" Across    $145
ball Trivets
           Trivets                                      $12 each/ 3 for $30
Hand Designed and Made In the USA