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In the gallery are examples of the basket designs that I create. As with all hand-crafted pieces, there is variance in the final product that makes it unique. The multi-fabric baskets also vary so that even though pieces in the same design family are similar in colors, the fabrics and the order in which they make up the baskets vary so no two baskets look exactly alike. In addition to the designs you'll see listed below, I sometimes try new designs and create individual pieces. I also do custom designs with fabrics and colors that you choose so you can get the color scheme that you like.

Below are some of the current designs that I create. Select a design to see a sample basket. Note that I don't have pictures for all the designs yet.

"Carol" Olive and Blue
"Donna" Purple/White/Sage
"Fish" Mix
Gray and Yellow
Green, Blue, Purple
NEON Blue & Green 
NEON Bright Colors
NEON Pink & Green
Patchwork *
Red Mix

Farmers Market Trivets
Cranberries- Peppers -Lettuce
Blueberries- Wine Corks

Beach Trivets
Lobsters- Fish-SeaGlass
Shells - Flamingos

* patterns are always changing
Hand Designed and Made In the USA